Qualifications / Sales and Marketing Experience

Having completed my BA in English Literature - and possessing absolutely no desire to teach or become a professional author - I went into the workforce until I Clare Vanessa Freelancer - Inspirited content creation + website design + marketing = for small businesses with Soul! Visit www.clarevanessa.com.au for more.could work out what I wanted to 'be' when I grew up! As fate would have it, it was this foray that led me to gain extensive customer service, sales, and marketing experience in the small business world; ultimately creating an outlet for my degree through small business marketing, copy writing, content creation, website design, and social media management (at its inception, when social media was still viewed by much of small business as optional and just 'another fad'!).

So what began as 'just working' in sales and marketing, became the path I have followed for over 25 years, including:

  • Running a retail Information Technology business for 11 years as part of a major Australia-wide buying group;
  • Being trained personally by some of the best business minds and speakers in Australia;
  • Developing a broad-range of business skills, including key aspects of running, building and creating healthy small businesses;
  • Working in both face-to-face and online customer environments, thereby gaining a wealth of customer service experience (which I feel is critical to the creation of effective marketing materials - you have to 'know' how customers think to write for them!);
  • Learning how to create and sustain winning customer relationships.

Alternative Health, Self-Help, Small Professional & Spirituality Websites are My Specialty

In addition to the above experience, my passion for self-growth, spirituality, leading an organic lifestyle and working with flower essences led me to concurrently work for 10 years as the International Correspondence Course TutorInternational College Course Teacher Trainer and Facebook Page Moderator* for alternative health company, Australian Bush Flower Essences (* including creating their first Facebook page, and building its following from an initial 0 to 12K followers!).

This extensive work broadened my horizons so I am now well-versed in building websites and managing social media for alternative therapists, holistic health practices, alternative & energetic healers, mediums and psychics. I offer an understanding of the different personal and energetic requirements of the owners of these websites and therefore can offer a wealth of experience to these practitioners - who typically do not want be burdened with the necessary creation of marketing tools!

Of course, if you are not in any of the above industries and need any type of small business website built, please don't be put off - I would still love to assist you - just get in touch here and we can discuss your specific needs!

✿  Why Choose to Work with Me?

Amalgamate all of the above experience and skills and you have my expansive and adaptable capabilities in a nutshell!

I am:

  • genuinely knowledgeable about website design and real-life small business marketing;
  • a careful and clear communicator - I will always ensure we are 'on the same' page before quoting on and creating your work;
  • always striving to work with true integrity and transparency - I do what I say I will do, no pretense here!
  • capable of delivering what I promise or I won't agree to do your work;
  • able to offer you the best of both worlds - knowledge and practical experience from running a small business AND the ability to construct relevant online marketing tools to successfully promote your business.

If, like me, you also choose to offer extraordinary customer service and want to promote yourself and your offerings authentically and effectively, I can help you:

  • Write copy that stands out (online or offline);
  • Design an aesthetically pleasing WordPress website for you (including eCommerce functionality, if required), which effectively leads your customer to your services and offerings;
  • Plan an effective Social Media presence and Blogging Strategy;
  • With your other specific web or writing project.

So PLEASE do get in touch via email here to discuss your needs.

P.S. I am very friendly and love to laugh, so working with me is a breeze! 😉