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Clare Vanessa

Why choose me?

The top 4 reasons!

I am a unique professional since I can offer my clients the best of two worlds:

1) I intimately understand the practical needs of small businesses, having over 25+ years practical experience owning, managing and working in information technology small business, as well as health and wellbeing small to medium businesses.

2) I have 14+ years professional website design and online marketing experience – building professional ecommerce websites, managing social media platforms, creating expert marketing copy and compiling promotional strategies.


3) I can reliably and affordably take away the burden of managing your online marketing – it is a necessity to promote your business, but it can easily become a time-and-energy drain for small business owners.

4) I truly value the quality of work I provide AND your satisfaction – if my clients aren’t happy, then I will work tirelessly until they are. I have a personal work ethic that values integrity above ‘quick’ income. In addition, I’d love for your total satisfaction to lead to future client referrals via your professional contacts, too!

P.S. I am very friendly and love to laugh, so working with me is also a breeze! 😉


More about my qualifications & experience...

My formal experience and qualifications include:

* Bachelor Arts – English & Comparative Literature
(Murdoch University, Perth WA)

* 11 years experience co-ordinating retail information technology store, Leading Edge Computers Grafton
(a locally-run store within an Australia-wide buying group). I trained extensively in professional customer service, sales, inventory management, small business marketing (on a shoestring!), website design, copy writing and the (at that time) burgeoning new world of social media – which most small business owners initially considered a waste of time! Additionally, I was fortunate to have received national training from some of the best business minds and speakers within Australia, and have applied much of what I learned successfully on a practical basis.

* 10+ years experience working with alternative health company, Australian Bush Flower Essences (Sydney NSW) 
as International Correspondence Tutor, International College Course Teacher Trainer and Facebook Page Administrator (where I built them a following of 12K followers from 0!). This experience broadened my horizons beyond retail small business into also being able to help promote health practitioners, alternative therapists, holistic health practices, alternative energy healers and psychic mediums.

* 25+ years customer service experience.
I feel this is a crucial skill for being able to create successful small business websites, write effective marketing copy and for designing any online marketing materials. I don’t just ‘type up’ a bunch of generic text based on what other businesses have on offer or what I have seen elsewhere online! Instead, what you get from me is thoughtful copy, aimed at your target customer, with the aim of producing your desired outcome (i.e. more leads, more sales, etc.). I also believe it is imperative that the person designing your marketing materials understands what it is like to actually deal with customers in person – you have to know how customers think and act in order to successfully write for them!


My guarantee to you...

I am:

* Genuinely knowledgeable about website design and real-life online small business marketing.

* A careful and clear communicator – I will always ensure we are ‘on the same page’ before quoting and then creating your work.

* Always striving to work with integrity and transparency – I do what I say I will do, no pretense here!

* Capable of delivering what I promise or I won’t agree to do your work.

* Able to offer you my practical experience from running small businesses AND the related ability to construct effective online marketing tools to successfully promote your business.

And I offer:

* Written copy that will stand out (online or offline).

* Aesthetically pleasing, effective and functional WordPress websites
(including optional eCommerce functionality, if required).

* Effective online promotional plans (including a cohesive funnel based on your website, social media, blogging and direct email marketing).

* Many related offerings – just get in touch here and ask!