Is Your Website Capturing Sales
Just Costing You Money?

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Do you …

>> Struggle to write inspiring marketing copy?

>> Fumble around trying to create and edit a supposedly do-it-yourself website?

>> Waste time on social media when you could instead be investing your time with your clients or customers?

Do you struggle with your online marketing? Visit right now for help!

Do you struggle with your online marketing? Visit right now for help!

Then it’s time we met!

My name is Clare Vanessa and I can free-up the time you currently waste on online marketing and website maintenance. The end result: you get to spend your time servicing your customers, and making your business thrive!

Whether you have difficulty maintaining your website; need a new basic or e-commerce website built from scratch and have no idea where to start; or just dislike having to spend hours on marketing your services to attract customers, I can help.

Why sub-contract when you can do it yourself?

Yes, there are many what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) platforms these days – surely that means you can just do everything yourself and save money, right?

Let me offer an alternative perspective on this…

When you are struggling to market your services online and it doesn’t come naturally to you, you are wasting your billable time.

What does ‘wasting your billable time’ actually mean?

Here’s an example. Let’s say a naturopath has an hourly consultation rate of $120 per hour. To gain clients, they spend at least 1 hour each day (i.e. 5 hours during the working week, more if they catch up on weekends) promoting their services on social media; through their website and/or blog; and sending a weekly email to their mailing list. That time means they aren’t working with clients, so essentially loses them immediate income.

If they were to pay a professional freelancer like me to do this work instead, the work would be done more quickly, more frequently AND it would free-up their time to take extra consultations. They could be available to more clients each week AND their weekly turnover could potentially increase by at least $600 based on our example rate (in a 46 week working year, that’s $27,600!). Additionally, since my marketing copy is written and presented to be most effective, there would likely be an greater increase in new clients than if just doing the work themselves.

Can you see how do-it-yourself services can sometimes cost you more than outsourcing to a professional like me?

Contact Clare Chapman, Freelance Web Designer, today

Contact Clare Chapman, Freelance Web Designer, today

Why spend all those hours…

  • Writing email or online marketing copy that might fail to achieve your purpose?
  • Spell-checking and grammar-checking your work so it doesn’t embarrass your business?
  • Creating email newsletters and blog posts that are not crafted to attract and engage your desired audience?
  • Customising your DIY website, only to find it doesn’t end up at all like you imagined it would?

… when I could help you, leaving you free to:

  • Follow up your clients and customers, keeping them happy and increasing their loyalty to your services.
  • Create new products and services to sell, building your income.
  • Book more client appointments –> increasing your weekly income.
  • Spend time on a beach somewhere during your weekends – instead of grumbling angrily at your computer screen over the weekend while everyone else gets a break!

Interested in claiming back your precious time?

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