Is your website making sales
or just wasting your money?

Do you...?

…struggle for hours to write effective marketing materials when you need to be completing customer quotes, packing orders, or even balancing accounts?

…fumble around trying to create and edit a ‘Do It Yourself’ website (such as on Wix) only to end up really disappointed with a useless website?

…waste too much of your time marketing on social media when you need to be providing services to your existing clients and customers?

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I can help!

Allow me to free-up all that time you currently waste on ineffective
online marketing and website maintenance. 

What will you gain?

You gain back all that time previously spent promoting your business, and spend it servicing customers, helping your business to thrive or getting some necessary family time or rest and recreation!

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Whether you have difficulty maintaining your website, or dislike having to spend hours on updates to keep your website relevant – I can help.

Whether you are new to e-commerce and websites, and have no idea where to start – I can help.

Whether you just need a basic website to advertise in-store services or need a complete online store to service your small business – I can help.

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I know what you might be saying by now….

“But won’t I save $$$ if I take care of my own marketing and build / maintain my own website?”

My answer to this is….

Up front perhaps, yes. In the long run, no.

If you don’t have experience in online marketing and design, then you would first need to teach yourself HOW to design a website. Even on a DIY platform, no one is there helping you – it simply offers the platform for someone to use (similar to how you might access bookkeeping software online, but you still need to know how to manage your accounts within it).

Another aspect you need to consider is whether you know how to lay out all your information in a way that will gain you search engine traffic and function perfectly for your ideal client. In other words, just because you like your website, doesn’t mean it is working for you!

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The reality is, when you are struggling to market your services online, and it doesn’t come naturally to you – you are wasting your billable time.

What does that really mean?

In business, you are either spending money or making money – that’s the bottom line. 
Let’s say you were to charge clients $100 per hour for your services; this means that each hour you spend on administrative or marketing work – and not providing your services – in effect costs you that same $100 per hour, since you cannot spend that same time offering your services to clients and earning income.

For example…

Let’s say a massage therapist has that hourly consultation rate of $100 per hour and spends on average 1-2 hours a day on marketing activities to find new clients (i.e. promotion on social media, updating her website/blog, sending weekly emails to her mailing list). That time spent marketing is necessary, but not billable (i.e. doesn’t earn her money), so all those tasks essentially take time away from either potentially doing more sessions and earning income OR out of her own valuable personal time (e.g. time with family).

Ultimately, there would be greater potential to earn more money if someone else were handling these necessary activities for her – not just because she would free up time to offer additional client sessions, but because her free time could instead be spent in recreation, rest or taking care of her personal life – leaving her better rested and better able to service her existing and new clients (and therefore guaranteeing better client satisfaction and more referrals!).

The other thing to keep in mind is this:

As a professional freelancer, I build and update websites plus create online marketing materials every day. This means I keep up-to-date with new technologies and learn faster options all the time, so I know I will spend less time putting together your solution first time around than you would as someone who has to train themselves to do it occasionally (or even once only!). It also means my services will typically cost you a lot less than you will expect as I am more efficient with the total time a job will take.

Finally (and very importantly), my marketing copy is always written and presented in the most effective way possible, so I know you will experience a greater increase in clients than if you casually write your materials yourself. You can also be sure there won’t be any bad grammar or embarrassing spelling mistakes (i.e. you will look completely professional)!

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Why spend all your valuable, billable time…

Writing email or online marketing copy that might fail to achieve your goals?

Spell-checking and grammar-checking your work so it doesn’t embarrass you or your business?

Creating email newsletters and blog posts that are not skillfully crafted to attract and engage your desired audience?

Customising your DIY website, only to find it doesn’t end up at all like you imagined it would?

When you could be…

Following up your clients and customers, keeping them happy and increasing their loyalty to your services.

Creating new products and services to sell, building your income.

Booking more client appointments – increasing your weekly income.

Spending time on a beach somewhere during your weekends – instead of grumbling angrily at your computer screen while everyone else in the world gets a break!!

Interested in claiming back your precious time?

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Responsive Web Design

Let me design your beautiful, professional and functional WordPress website that works on all devices (+ can include optional Ecwid Ecommerce functionality).

Digital Marketing

Let me assist you with beautiful & functional email newsletter design, social media materials & I can even assist you in managing platforms (or training you to do so more effectively).

Copywriting & Editing

As an experienced (and qualified) copywriter, I can write or proof all your business materials - ensuring you wow your potential clients and convey your offerings most effectively.