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Tired of wrestling with your website yet?

Stop wasting your time! Get the job done professionally AND affordably.

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Perhaps this is You Now?

Writing your own marketing materials...

... and struggling for hours while your customer quotes, orders and paperwork pile up?

Fumbling around in your DIY website...

... and wasting time with 'easy'  platforms like Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce or Squarespace?

Wasting precious time on social media...

... and wondering how to promote your services more quickly and effectively?

I can help you...

Example of new website design and development for Holliestic Relaxation Therapy by Clare Vanessa Freelancer -

Build, edit and maintain a professional ecommerce website...

... saving you from the stress and unrealism of DIY solutions that never look like you expected.

Example of Facebook Post for Australian Bush Flower Essences by Clare Vanessa Freelancer,

Create beautiful and effective marketing materials...

... preserving your time to spend instead on building your business and closing sales.

Stop wasting all your precious time on social media...

... so you can spend your time more effectively and maybe even get some down time!

Clients I have worked for:

Whether you are starting from scratch and need a brand new website and/or online store;


Your old website is falling apart and needs replacing;


You just need your existing website edited, some things fixed and regular maintenance.

I specialise in working with small businesses and solo-preneurs (like health & wellbeing professionals, coaches, local cafes & bulk food services, therapists, small retail businesses, etc.).

However, I am very flexible and adaptable and will consider all website, copywriting and online marketing work – regardless of the goods or services you offer.

Clare Vanessa Freelancer - specialising in responsive, small business website design.

When you work with me, you can be assured of the following:

* Your resulting website or marketing copy WILL meet your goals (or I will work tirelessly until it is a match to your vision).

* All my work is spelling and grammar checked, several times – no embarrassment to your business!

* Your end result will be skillfully-crafted website pages, email newsletters, blog posts and social media materials.

* You will walk away with a stylish AND functional website that will last you well into the future. Most websites I build utilise the WordPress content management system, keeping them independent of hosted platforms – ensuring all future maintenance aligns with common web standards, and making it easy for you and your staff to work with if preferred. All my websites are also fully-responsive*, so you won’t have issues with the website adjusting automatically to fit any size screen that your clients are browsing with.

* Most importantly, I will do whatever I can to ensure your work is provided back to you in a timely and satisfying manner (and will also email you frequently with progress updates). If something isn’t what you expected or as we discussed, I will fix it.

Interested in claiming back your precious time AND feeling 100% satisfied with your online marketing?

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Professional & Responsive Web Design

I design all my clients' websites with style, profession and function foremost in mind. Of equal importance, I ensure they are also fully responsive* - critical for reaching your potential clients but also for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

I can create any site - from basic informational websites through to ecommerce functionality and even online learning platforms for building your learning systems. Optional security and maintenance plans are also available for your ongoing peace-of-mind, to ensure your website remains functional and secure - even when you are busy elsewhere.

Digital Marketing - Content, Designs & Plans

Your website is designed and launched, what next? Perhaps you thought, "if I build it, they will come", but that just isn't going to happen! Implementing solid marketing platforms and ongoing strategies is critical for the success of your web-based business.

I specialise in small business marketing processes and can assist you with email newsletter design and creation; designing your blogging strategy (and even writing materials to suit you); social media content and planning; and even maintaining social platforms or training you to do so more effectively.

Professional Copywriting, Proofreading & Editing

As an experienced and qualified copywriter, I can write and/or proof all your business materials - ensuring you 'wow' your potential clients and convey your offerings most effectively.

Nothing screams "don't buy my products/or services" more than spelling errors, poorly constructed materials or even just an inability to convey exactly what it is you do! Have you ever seen websites which are full of jargon but no real summary of what exactly is on offer? I can help you avoid all of that and instead hone in on your unique selling point(s) - succinctly and skillfully.

* Website responsiveness is also important to ensure no lost traffic, improved SEO and best performance for your website.

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