Specialising in Digital Marketing & Website Design for
Self-Help, Natural Therapy, Small Professional &
New Age / Spiritual Businesses.

Some of my past and present clients:

Responsive WordPress Web Design ~
including eCommerce functionality

Whether your small business needs a simple blog or a multi-page e-commerce website, I can help you.

All websites I design utilise responsive themes, which means they will adjust to the user’s screen whether being viewed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone – a critical aspect if you want your website to gain adequate search rankings given over half of all users now browse on a smartphone or tablet.

You can view some of the websites I have built and still manage below (click the images to view live sites).

The first example (https://www.animal-communicator.com.au) is for a professional Animal Communicator and is a basic WordPress informational website, with the purpose of explaining her services; answering questions for potential clients; promoting her upcoming workshops and taking booking enquiries. It has been set-up so she can easily edit the main body text on all pages using a simple-to-use visual block editor, which is important to this client so she can easily change prices and availability of services herself when she needs to, without affecting the layout or functionality (leaving the design and technical aspects for me to handle). Some standard features of this type of website include: a blog; newsletter sign-up form; online contact form; and optimisation for search engine traffic (SEO).

Basic WordPress Informational Website

The second example is a WordPress website I built and currently maintain (https://www.bluebottlesbrasserie.com.au) which is advertising both a physical cafe and grocery store, while also offering an online store for mail-order, so e-commerce functionality was required. This website includes some standard features such as: newsletter sign-up functionality; online contact form; embedded social media feeds; optimisation for search engine traffic (SEO); and also includes an entire online store with the ability to process live secure online payments through eWay.

Basic eCommerce Website
Digital Marketing Campaigns ~
Email Lists, Blogging, Social Media

I offer many associated services to assist small businesses with their online marketing, and this enables me to offer a more affordable, total in-house package to meet smaller budgets.

Custom Logos

Custom Logo Design is one such service I offer on occasion, producing the logo in all standard formats for professional printing and online use. A recent example of a new logo I designed was commissioned by a client who conceived the idea herself – we worked together to bring this client’s unique and specific concept to fruition and it’s important to note that this was done to the complete satisfaction of the client with neither of us meeting in person (so yes, we can work completely online for your project!).

Example of custom-designed logo by clarevanessa.com.au Example of custom-designed logo.

Custom Email Templates & Management

Another service I offer is the creation of custom online email templates within an online email marketing service such as MailChimp. For the client below, I created the email template within her MailChimp account so that it matched her website’s branding, colour scheme, fonts, and the overall business image she desires. She can now use this template to create her own custom email newsletters whenever she needs to, however in this instance, she contracts me to manage her email marketing and all she has to do is email through the text and it is flying out to her customers (while she concentrates on gaining new leads and her important work!).

With an online service like MailChimp, I can also embed email address sign-up forms into your website so you easily gain leads and meet all privacy regulations (plus the customer database can be exported anywhere you wish in future, so you maintain complete control over your customers’ details).

Example of Facebook Image Creation - ClareVanessa.com.au Freelancer Example of Online Email Marketing Template (Mailchimp)

Creation of Social Media Marketing Collateral

I have created page posts, event pages and banners for Facebook pages and Twitter profiles – ensuring they are sized for easy upload and gain the attention needed online. I created and professionally managed a major Facebook page for Sydney-based alternative health company, Australian Bush Flower Essences – ultimately building a page following of 12,000 fans* from its inception. Below are some examples of materials I created for various purposes on their page:

* total number of fans at time I left position.

Example of Facebook Image Creation - ClareVanessa.com.au Freelancer Example of Facebook Event Image Example of Facebook Image Creation - ClareVanessa.com.au Freelancer Example of Facebook Event Image Example of Facebook Image Creation - ClareVanessa.com.au Freelancer Example of Facebook Page Banner Example of Facebook Image Creation - ClareVanessa.com.au Freelancer Example of Facebook Page Post
Online Marketing Services ~
Copywriting, Editing, Ad Design

Given my professional qualifications in English and extensive small business marketing experience, my specialty is in writing effective marketing copy.

This could be for an email newsletter (along with designing the template); web pages and landing pages; social media posts and events; flyers; or anything you can think of that you need to promote your business. I have particular experience crafting materials for small healthcare, spiritual and alternative businesses, so I am well-versed in what you are permitted to put in writing under current Australian health and trading laws. Also of particular expertise is construction of copy for small retail businesses. Additionally, I am sensitive to the way niche businesses need to write about their services and this ensures I can craft you effective materials that gain attention but still do justice to your unique services.

I ensure that your online and written materials reflect the message you want your clients to receive. Due to my expertise and experience, I will ensure no embarrassing spelling and grammar errors in your copy, either – nothing says ‘sloppy’ to a potential customer like misspelling and poor construction!

If you need something written, please feel free to get in touch for a free quote!