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The Costs involved in developing your new website or materials

As a solo business professional myself, I believe in transparent pricing for my services. There’s no point looking further into a service if you don’t have the budget available.

But while the question ‘how much will a website cost me’ may seem like an easy question to answer, it isn’t. Each and every website I develop and build is unique and specific to each of my client’s needs.

Not all businesses want an online store, or a blog, or an integrated mailing list, or 15 different pages. For this reason, the basic packages detailed below are based only the average costs of prior websites I have built. However, please be aware that the actual price for your site may vary so the below represents only a ballpark figure for my pricing.

Another major consideration I urge you to keep in mind is the difference between a website that is set-up on a hosted platform like Shopify and a custom-built WordPress website designed and developed especially for a business that is actually owned by the business. These two options are not the same and you need to be sure you are not comparing apples with oranges when considering pricing! Additionally, the monthly costs of services like Shopify do not take into account the many, many hours that will be required to set the actual website up and then maintenance and troubleshooting on an ongoing basis.

So check out the pricing and packages below to see if my services are within your budget, but then do get in touch here so I can prepare your free personalised no-obligation project proposal and give you an exact estimate on what your total investment will be.


Starts from $680.00 AUD

Ideal for Home Businesses, Startups & Non-Profits

Ideal for any small business requiring a basic online presence. Recommended for: health professionals, alternative health practitioners, speakers, authors, musicians, work-from-home professionals, and solopreneurs (the basic website is setup so you can add an online store or booking system in future).


What is included:

>> Up to 10 web pages
built using free open-source WordPress software for complete website ownership.

>> Free WordPress theme
matching your business image as closely as possible. 

>> Setup of basic blog
optional, but highly recommended for SEO and online visibility.

>> Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
to help your website get indexed in online searches.

>> Professionally edited copy
for all your pages, based on the information you provide.

>> Online contact form
to conceal and protect your email address from spam.

>> Setup of basic free plugins
to protect website from brute-force attacks, spam and other threats.

>> Easy future editing with included non-standard block builder*
* I also offer affordable monthly maintenance plans for constant security monitoring, design edits, helping your website avoid any downtime or issues.


What is not included:

*** Setup of the below is included, but not the cost for each service ***

>> Annual website hosting costs
where your website is ‘stored’ – monthly costs are typically on average approx. $120 per year and I can recommend a reliable host (ISP).

>> SSL Security Certificate
optional but highly recommended due to Google’s traffic preferences for websites with SSL and your customer’s peace of mind – if I arrange your hosting, this will usually be included in the ISP charges.

>> Domain name registration
your ‘www’ address – typically costs $29 annually, payable directly to registrar.

>> Ongoing website maintenance costs
This includes security updates, backup of data, restoration of data, etc. A monthly maintenance plan can also be setup with me for a small cost to keep your website constantly secure and functional and offer you peace-of-mind.

>> Specific WordPress themes
A free theme is already included in my package and will be closely matched to your current business design, but in some instances you may require or desire a specific paid fee.

>> Plugins or software applications required for specific add-ons (e.g. online learning).
Where available, I use free WordPress plugins to meet your needs, but in some cases paid premium versions may be required to meet desired functionality – again, you will be advised at the time of quoting if this is a possible requirement.

>> Sourcing Images or Creating Content / Copy
These can be easily added to a specific project proposal, but the above costs are based on these all being provided by the client (with editing of all text included in the basic service).


Starts from $1259.00 AUD

Ideal for Businesses building a Basic Online Store

Ideal for any small business starting up an online store with secure payment cart. Recommended for: health professionals, alternative health practitioners, speakers, authors, musicians, work-from-home professionals, and solopreneurs who take online bookings or online payments for goods or services.


What is included:

>> Everything in the above starter package,

>> Up to an additional 5 web pages
As required.

>> Embedded Secure WooCommerce Shopping Cart
No limit to number of products that can be added to the product catalogue (including downloadable products), but some charges may apply depending on desired advanced capabilities. Includes setup of product pages, categories, payment processor, delivery options and basic SEO – everything needed to get the cart operational.

>> Entry of first 20 products
Entry of extra products can be easily accommodated in an additional quote, based on additional time taken. All images, product descriptions, weights and product descriptions will need to be supplied by you – any extra time spent sourcing this information will be additionally quoted on if required.


What is not included

*** Setup of the below is included, but not the cost for each service ***


Standard rate $59.00 AUD per hour

For any individual, professional or organisation

For regular long-term work, I can create a proposal with a set package total – above rate applies to casual jobs.

>> Copywriting, document editing.
Creation of small business marketing materials – blog articles, copy for web pages, etc.
>> Editing existing websites.
>> Troubleshooting website issues.

Don’t see what you need listed here? Please get in touch to discuss!

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